Ah, back-to-school time! That magical moment when the pencils are still sharpened, the notebooks are not yet dog-eared, and the schoolbags... ah, the schoolbags! They're the most important piece of equipment for any self-respecting schoolchild. So how do you choose the right one? Get ready, we're going to put a little pep in your back-to-school shopping. ✨


For schoolchildren aged 4 to 7: the "Schoolbag Kids"
Robust yet lightweight, perfect for nursery and primary school pupils. This horizontal schoolbag is the ideal companion for little explorers aged 4 to 7. Its dimensions of 35cm wide x 28cm high x 12cm deep, for a total volume of 12 litres, make it roomy enough to carry soft toys, snacks and a few childhood secrets. And at 750g (including the flap!), even full, it won't weigh more than Friday's bag of sweets. 🍭


For schoolchildren aged 8 to 10: the "Discover Kids"
When you're growing up, you want to climb higher, and what better way to do that than with the ‘Discover Kids’, a vertical backpack that pushes you to adventure! With dimensions of 30cm wide x 41cm high x 14cm deep, and a volume of 17 litres, it's ready to take on board big kids' notebooks and crazy science projects. The total weight of 1080g ensures that it remains comfortable, even with the pouch and flap.


In conclusion
Choosing the right schoolbag is almost as important as choosing your outfit for the class photo. It's a companion that shares all the memorable moments of the school year. 🥰 So think carefully, measure, weigh... and above all, choose the one that will make your children's eyes shine, whether in the traditional ‘Schoolbag Kids’ or the adventurous ‘Discover Kids’.

Happy back-to-school preparations to all!

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