Adventurer Mini
The perfect school bag for kindergarten to elementary school students. There is enough room for:
🧴 A small water bottle
✍ A pencil case
🧃 A snack
👕 A spare T-shirt (if he/she needs to get change)
📘 A 21x29,7-cm notebook
📙 A diary
Please note: Sometimes school children are asked to take A4 format sheets and binders with them. These sheets and binders do not fit in the bags.
Adventurer Medium, Old School et City.
The perfect bag to hold a laptop and your school stuff. Perfect for secondary school. There is room for:
📒 A A4 binder
📚 Two A4 notebooks
📖 Two school books
✍ A pencil case
💻 A 13-inch laptop
🧴 A water bottle
📙 A diary or a paperback
🥪 A small lunch box
The Adventurer, City, and Old School backpack capacities are the same. Only the shape differs.
Adventurer Maxi
Teachers will love this one! It will be perfect for:
📚 Grade papers
✍ One or two pencil(s) case(s)
🧴 A big water bottle
📗 A few A4 notebooks
🥪 A lunch box
☂ An umbrella and many other things.

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