#01 - No plastic
Since 2020, Cabaïa has banned the use of disposable plastic in its products. It is replaced by kraft or starch in all packaging.
The only plastic component remaining today is the small element used to attach the label. Our teams are currently working to find a permanent solution to replace it quickly.
#02 - Transport
Some brands which reach out every single month to a new collection use plane transportation. It is the quickest way of transport but also the most polluting. We prefer to use boats for long-distance destinations! The rest of the supplies are made by train.
#03 - Cruelty-Free
This is one of Cabaïa's strong and founding commitments: none of our products contain any animal matter. Our products are all EVE Vegan certified (except for some hats including wool, which is either recycled or comes from farms that do not practice mulesing and are certified as such).
We do not like to stick labels. Except when it comes to labels to assure you of the quality of our products. We are proud to say that all our accessories are certified OEKO-TEX Standard 100 and REACH and that most of them have the EVE Vegan label.

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