Purchase online
Fill out the contact form by clicking HERE (link to the contact form).
Be sure to give us your order number or send us your invoice.
Purchase in-store or pop up Cabaia
Go directly to the store where you made your purchase (or to any Cabaia store) with your invoice and the defective item. Our salesmen will judge if the defect presented is within our warranty terms and will proceed in this case only to the exchange of your article. There is no refund for items purchased in our stores.
Purchase from a retailer
Go directly to the retailer where you made your purchase with your invoice and the defective product. If the warranty conditions are respected, you will get the replacement or the repair of the bag.
Please note: Your invoice is required for warranty coverage. Without proof of purchase or invoice, we will not be able to process your request.
Please find all our warranty terms in the following article: Backpack warranty terms.

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