Can't wait to receive your order? You don't know where it is?


Case 1: Your parcel has been shipped and you've received an email with your tracking details.

In this case you can keep tracking your package by clicking on the link provided in your email or through your account Cabaïa (if you've created one).

❗️Sometimes, the tracking page will show that your number is not valid or that the package has not been processed:

No worries! It always takes about 12 hours for your tracking details to be activated!


Case 2: You have not yet received the shipping email.

In this case, your order must be "in preparation".

If it takes more than 3 working days, please refer to the article: 

"🤔 Parcel "in preparation" for more than 3 days 🤔 "


❗️If you've place an order over the Black Friday or Christmas period, the delivery time might take a little longer. The carriers and logistics companies are overwhelmed but make sure they do their best to ship your order on time!

While you're waiting you can sing something like:

Come on UPS, Come on UPS, Come on! 🎵

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