Even as a child, you liked to choose your outfits as you saw fit. When you were older, it was important to you to personalise your caramel sundae with the little pieces of biscuit. At Cabaia, we understand that you like things done your way! 👌🏻


We've created a brilliant tool that lets you choose your assortment of bags and pouches.


All you have to do is choose the extra front pocket OR the two small side pockets of your choice 🤩


If you got a bit carried away with the personalisation and in the end don't like the whole thing all that much, you can of course send us feedback. It is not possible to return the bag without pockets.

Bannières FAQ (2).png

💡 Good to know: The €3 personalisation fee is refunded if you return the bag + it's two pockets only.

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