Which bag do you need to be fancy at school? Here are a few explanations!


Our Mini backpack

The perfect bag for kindergarten and primary school! There is enough room to carry:

🧴A small bottle of water

✍A pencil case

🧃A little lunch box

📕An A4 notebook

🐰His/Her favourite teddy bear (forbidden after kindergarten!)

Please note: A4 folders do not fit in the bags.


Our Medium backpacks

Ideal if you'd like to carry books, laptop and a few other stuffs! For all the students going to middle school and high school. You'll be able to carry the following items:

📒 A classic ring binder

📚Two A4 notebooks

📕One big book

✍ A pencil case

💻A 13" laptop

🧴One bottle of water

🥪A little lunch box

You can carry the same things in the Adventurer and Old School models. The bags are quite similar. The main difference will be the shape as well as the opening.


Our Maxi backpacks

We recommend it for students, but also for teachers! We've had lots of feedback from teachers saying it's the most practical bag in the world! You can put :

📚All your students copies

✍ One pencil case

🧴A big bottle of water

📕A few A4 notebooks

🥪A big lunch box

☂ A small umbrella and even more... It's even better than Mary poppin's bag!


💡 Good to know: The capacities of the Adventurer, City and Old School rucksacks are the same, only the shape of the rucksack differs

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