At Cabaïa, we really hate waste! Most of our defective bags are refurbished and sold during special sales on our site. Offers vary depending on the defect, but we usually offer up to 60% off. Some bags are also donated to charity! 

We do not have our own repair shop. We have a partnership with Green Wolf, a French independent company specialized in textile repair. 

To explain the process, once we have 200 defective bags, we send them to Green Wolf to be repaired (when possible).

The reason we don't repair bags on a case-by-case basis is because repairing a bag takes time. We count for example many teachers among our customers. We can't deprive them of their work tool during the whole process of sending and repairing their defective bag!

We prefer to offer the possibility for our customers to get a new bag as soon as possible, and then repackage the bags to put them back on sale during special operations! 😊

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