Cabaia is committed to operating a responsible business that respects suppliers, workers, and the environment. Harder, better, faster, greener!


We are manufacturing our products only through BSCI or SMETA certified factories. Those factories are all applying simple but essential rules:

No children at work, no modern slavery, good working conditions, a fair salary, the right to be part of a union!

In terms of sustainability:

Cabaïa is not a fast fashion brand like Zara or H&M.

We have a permanent collection and we wait until we’re almost sold out prior to manufacturing new models. We’re never producing more than what we’re able to sell and we never throw away anything! If something is not sold after a few years, we give it to charities!

For the shipping of your orders:

We are working in collaboration with a few companies such as “La Poste”. We always make sure those companies are carbon neutral certified. Further information can be found here:

In terms of production:

Our team spends a lot of time on field in order to get a complete knowledge of our supply chain. We undertake all reasonable and practical steps to ensure that our standards are being implemented throughout the businesses of our suppliers and that relevant legislation and regulations are complied with.

Our Management System procedures require commitments and evidence from our supply chain to verify their compliance. E.g., We are regularly controlling our fabric suppliers in order to make sure they are working in a sustainable way.

Sustainability at work:

Our main office is based in Paris. Here as well, we do as much as we can in order to be faithful to our commitments. We try to reduce our water and electricity consumption. We’ve implemented a strong recycling system. We try not to use single use plastic for our meals (We cook for each other, we carry our own lunch boxes...). We avoid plastic bottles and we’ve installed the necessary infrastructures in order for our employees to cycle to work easily.

Shipping our products from the factories:

In terms of shipping, we are only working in collaboration with French companies (CMA, CGM). There is currently not a single carrier that has a strong ethical and sustainable approach. However, we are working hand in hand with them in order to do more for our planet.

Future improvements:

We are currently working towards being B-CORP certified. This is the highest label in terms of ethics and sustainability.

Last year we’ve produced our first 100% recycled bag. We aim within the next two years to be producing only recycled products.

We’ll also put ourselves into question in order to develop new ethical techniques that have a very low impact on environment and Earth's natural resources. Eg. We’ll be using a 100% vegetable ink rather than a chemical one to print our bag’s lining!

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