With our solution, no more dubious swamps at the bottom of your water bottle and the weird smells that go with them!


We've tried to be as clever as possible. The central opening on our bottles makes them super-easy to wash. 👌🏻


As we know in advance that your water bottle will be your best ally on all your adventures, we've made sure that its double wall keeps your drink hot for 3 hours and cold for 12. ❄️🔥


After several uses, the seal installed on your water bottle may deform or move a little. If your water bottle leaks, check that the seal is perfectly positioned against the wall of the bottle, if it is twisted, slide it off and replace it! If the bottle continues to leak despite everything, contact our customer service department by clicking HERE. We'll send you a new seal as soon as possible!


Good to know: our bottles cannot hold sparkling water, as the little bubbles could cause it to leak. 💧

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