Welcome to the wonderful world of the Cabaïa Cabin Suitcase, where style and adventure meet to form the ultimate travel duo! Here's everything you need to know:

  • Volume: 40 litres to hold your essentials and even a few extra "oh, I fell for that on holiday".
    Dimensions: 55 cm high, 35 cm wide and 25 cm deep - the perfect size to make a triumphant entry into the overhead compartments of planes.
  • Weight: 3 kg bare, because nobody wants to lift weights when travelling. But with its removable pouch, it reaches a total weight of 3.735 kg. 735 grams is just the weight to add a dose of mystery to your style!
  • Lifetime warranty: Yes, you heard us right! Our Cabaïa Cabin Case is ready to follow you throughout your life as an intrepid adventurer.
  • Repairable: Not only is it beautiful, it's also incredibly repairable! Our after-sales service can provide you with all the spare parts you need to get your suitcase back on its feet (or rather, on wheels). Except for the shell, of course. The shell is the thing that holds everything together.

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  • Cabin baggage: We could give you an exhaustive list of conditions for all the airlines in the world... but that would be a bit boring, wouldn't it? There are over 1,300 airlines in the world! So here's the golden rule: before you fly off into the unknown, contact your airline to find out about their specific cabin baggage requirements. For example, EasyJet won't let you!

Get ready to embark on your adventure with your Cabaïa cabin bag. It's ready to be your travel companion, your style partner and your keeper of memories. Godspeed and happy discoveries!

PS: delivery of the suitcase outside mainland France is subject to a charge. For more information, click HERE.

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