After spending hours selecting THE model you need, the tile, the payment just won't go through! 😱


During busy periods (Christmas, Black Friday), there's a lot of traffic on our site. The payment gateway can get saturated! It's worse than when Taylor Swift announces a concert at the Wembley Stadium! In that case, we recommend you just wait 5 minutes and try again!


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If the payment still doesn't go through, here are some valuable tips:

🍪 - Delete the cookies (don't eat them 😁)! We explain it all right here in case you've never done it!

(This link explains how to do it via Google Chrome but the procedure is pretty much the same if you're using Safari or Internet Explorer!)

🕵🏻‍♂️ - Switch to private browsing! (It's very simple, but it can change everything!) → we'll explain how to switch to private browsing here

👩🏾‍💻 - Change your browser. We use Google Chrome and it works great!

🖥 - As a last resort, we advise you to change the device you're using to place your order.

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