Our commitment to protecting your data
So that you can browse our site with complete peace of mind, we, Cabaïa, as the data controller, explain how we collect, process,d use your data process, and use your data to provide you with new services daily while respecting your rights.
We protect your privacy by ensuring the protection, confidentiality, non-alteration, availability, and security of the personal data you entrust to us on all our communication channels.
The General Data Protection Regulation is a set of laws that has been implemented by the European Commission on 25 May 2018 for all companies operating in Europe. This, therefore, includes Cabaïa. 
What does this mean in practice?
To protect internet users from data leaks or the misuse of personal data, it is now mandatory for companies to keep visitors informed of all computer processing that is carried out on the data collected.
Like all online retailers, we collect data on our internet users and we work with several third-party service providers, who therefore have access to some of our data.
This data is essential to provide you with the best possible experience on our site and to ensure the smooth processing of your order.
We have nothing to hide, we want to be as transparent as possible. We will tell you everything!
Is Cabaïa selling my data?
No! And we never will! Some companies exchange customer files for commercial prospecting, this is not the case with Cabaïa. All the data we collect is on our premises and will never be given, rented, or sold to a third-party company.
Are my passwords safe?
Passwords are stored "encrypted" and it is impossible to decrypt them. Your passwords are therefore safe.
What about my credit card number?
For credit card payments, we work with one of the largest service providers, guaranteeing the security of your data. We will never have access to your credit card number. Our service provider has numerous approvals justifying the security of their computer system.
What personal data do you collect about me and what do you use it for?
When you create a customer account on our site, we record all the information necessary to place an order in our systems: your email, your first and last name, your postal address and your phone number so that we can prepare and deliver your package.
These order data are transmitted to the various service providers who work to ensure that your parcel reaches you: our logistician who prepares the parcel and the courier who delivers it to you.
They have no right to use your data for anything other than processing your order and must delete these data from their computer system after processing. These service providers store the data in data centers in Europe.
However, if you choose to have it delivered outside Europe, your data, such as your postal address, is inevitably transmitted to the logistics services of the courier who will deliver it to you in that country.
Newsletter :
If you have given us your consent, we also use your email address to send you our weekly newsletter. Please note that if you no longer wish to receive these emails, you can unsubscribe at any time by clicking the "Unsubscribe" link at the bottom of the newsletter. It takes effect immediately.
The service provider that we use for our newsletters guarantees us maximum data storage security.
To send you newsletters that may be of interest to you, we also provide this service provider with a list of the products you have ordered.
Statistics :
To constantly improve, we use software and services operated by third-party service providers that enable us to understand our business better. We provide them with data on our customer base, your browsing history on our site, and information on products ordered.
Advertising :
Like most online retailers, we record visits and then display targeted advertising when you browse other websites. This process does not manipulate any personal data and neither the advertising company nor third-party sites displaying our advertisements have access to your personal contact information.
However, if you no longer wish to see our advertisements, you can delete the cookies from your web browser.
How do I delete cookies?
Social networks :
If you use Facebook to create your Cabaïa account, we do not retrieve anything more than your email, last name, first name, and Facebook profile ID. We do not have access to your photos, friends list, posts, etc. We will never publish on your page without your consent.
Product Reviews :
Your email address, first name, last name, and order reference are given to our partner Avis-Vérifié which will send you a satisfaction survey. This data is not transmitted to any other company and is only used to evaluate your shopping experience at Cabaïa.
What I am suppose to do if I want to modify or delete the data you have about me?
You can modify most of the data from your customer account. If you cannot find what you need, please email specifying your request.

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