Since September 2022, Cabaïa has obtained the B-CORP certification!


We now join a really cool list that includes Patagonia, Natures et Découvertes, Faguo, Sézane, Michel & Augustin… 🥳


B-Corp is currently the highest label in terms of ethics and sustainable development !


Their commitments (which are also ours):

  • Raising awareness among our generation about environmental issues and encouraging ecological behaviors : we organize at least one second-hand backpack sale and two clearance sales each year. 🌿


  • Designing sustainable products : over 50% of Cabaia products are recycled, and the raw materials used are GRS, EVE VEGAN, and GOTS certified. Discover our labels HERE. ♻️


  • Protecting animals and actively supporting the improvement of their living conditions : 98% of accessories are EVE VEGAN certified, and each year we organize a partnership with the SPA, with all profits going to the association. 🐰


  • Protecting our planet and reducing our carbon footprint : we use carbon-neutral delivery services and have banned the use of plastic in our packaging. 🌏


The B Corp certification is particularly demanding and is awarded after the evaluation of more than 200 criteria grouped into categories (company governance, community, environment, employee life, and customer relations). Each category must be meticulously justified and earns us points !


Obtaining this certification has pushed us to continuously improve, to implement actions within the company, employees, and suppliers. We have learned a lot about ourselves and are now able to prove that a more sustainable, respectful, and sensible fashion can exist.


If you want more details on this label, we advise you to click HERE !

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