Cabaia has always been a committed brand. Since 2022 we have been certified as a "Mission-driven Company".

This means that our raison d'être is now written into our company's articles of association! We make commitments and we stick to them. 👌🏻


Our mission: To offer ingenious accessories that respect animals and the planet - for everyday adventures.

At Cabaia, we love animals, and we fight for their well-being, which is why all our products are EVE VEGAN certified, except a few hats.


We know that some of our customers are wool fans, which is why we've chosen recycled Merino wool or wool from farms that obviously don't practise Mulesing for our Premium range. 🐑


Generally speaking, the materials we use are hand-picked and have Oeko-Tex and Reach labels. We tell you all about them in detail just HERE.


Our factories have really serious ethical labels (BSCI, Fair Wear...) and we're also fighting against modern slavery.

Our production sites are regularly scrutinised and audited by independent bodies to ensure that our products are made with the utmost care and that the factories comply with all ethical and environmental standards.


The cherry on the cake: since 2022, we've had the B-Corp label!


This is the highest label in terms of ethics and respect for the environment! To give you an idea, it's the same label as brands like Patagonia, Faguo and Veja. Find out more about this label and what it means for us HERE.🌿


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We've also been working on the issue of sourcing our products. Planes cause a lot of pollution, so we only bring in all our goods by boat or train!

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