We (very) often hear talk of greenwashing.

Let's not mince our words: we all know that many brands do absolutely atrocious things for the planet, all while hiding behind labels that mean nothing. 😬

Cabaia is a truly committed brand, and we don't hesitate to highlight our labels. In order to be totally transparent about our labels, we're giving you more information below:

We'll start with the main one: the B-CORP label.

It was a bit long to condense everything, so we've written a whole FAQ about it HERE.

For the other labels, read on!

BSCI label


Behind this acronym lies the Business Social Compliance Initiative. In simple terms, it's a certification given to companies that commit to paying attention to working conditions in their international supply chains.

What does this mean in practice? There are no children in our production sites. There is no modern slavery or Uyghurs in our production sites. Our employees are paid fairly and equitably. 👌🏻


The FairWear label

This label certifies that employees have controlled and reasonable working hours, decent working conditions and the right to belong to a trade union. It also complements the BSCI label to monitor working conditions on production sites in general (modern slavery, discrimination, child labour, etc.).


Reach & Oeko-Tex

These labels relate to the materials we use to manufacture our products, which are free from products that are toxic to the body and the environment. There's a Chinese proverb that says you can tell the colour of the new collection at H&M by looking at the colour of the rivers. This is not and never will be the case with Cabaïa.


EVE Vegan

We're sure you've already heard about our love for little (or big) furry creatures. At Cabaia, it's unthinkable to use animals to test our products. Right now, you're imagining a cat with one of our backpacks, but the reality is a lot less fun when it comes to testing chemical substances on little rabbits in a laboratory. 😔

All our products with the exception of a few hats are EVE Vegan certified, meaning no animal materials (leather, wool...). We've kept a range of wool hats that are either recycled from old products or come from animal-friendly farms that don't practise mulesing. Of course, we all know that shearing sheep is important. The problem is the barbaric practices they undergo on intensive farms and the amount of water and wheat they consume!


In addition to these main labels, Cabaia is GOTS, GRS and FSC certified. For more information, click on the links below:


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