At Cabaia, we don't waste! 😄

You know, all our bags come with a lifetime guarantee. But what happens to the defective products?

Most bags are refurbished by GreenWolf, a French company that ensures the products are restored to form. They are super serious and collaborate with the following brands: Patagonia, Rip Curl, Rossignol...

The products are then put back on sale in our stores ! We don't yet offer online sales of these bags because we really want you to be able to see them. Some bags don't have the same features as a new bag following their repair. They are, of course, guaranteed for life, just like our brand-new bags!


photo équipe 3 1.1 (1).jpg

Most bags are resold with a 60% discount, and the other part of our bags is given to humanitarian organizations 🥰


And if the product is not repairable, it's recycled ! We can transform our bags into products for local communities (benches, trash cans, children's playgrounds, etc.).

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