When Bastien (our co-founder) envisioned Cabaia, his goal was to create products with really cool designs, super practical, but above all: durable backpacks. The kind of backpack that you can pass down to your daughter, who will pass it on to your grandson, and so on.


You've just acquired THE backpack of your life, your BFF (yes, we still use the term Best Friend Forever), your ultimate companion that will follow you on all your adventures; congratulations 🎉


Whether you've just stepped out of the store or just opened your Cabaia box, we invite you to proceed to the super important step of registering your backpack !


To register your backpack, click HERE !


All you need to do is enter your super secret code preceded by “A-VAL,” “VAL,” or “RIC.” This code is found on a label inside your backpack (often well hidden), and it can be in black or blue. We've put a little picture here to help you out ⬇️




If you've fallen for one of our backpacks at a retailer, remember to keep your purchase proof (receipt) safe! We'll need it if you wish to activate the warranty 👌🏻


💡 Good to know : It's not necessary to register all the small leather goods (pouches, cardholders, Nano Bags, etc.)."

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