Did you dream of it ? We've made it a reality ! Yes, all our products come with a lifetime warranty, except for beanies and socks.

Say goodbye to those old, worn-out bags that you just don't know how to get rid of!


At Cabaia, we know our products inside out, which is why we can offer you a warranty on products that will last a lifetime 🤩




We've summarized our warranty conditions in the table below ⬇️



Defects in seams:

  • Torn straps

  • Stretched/torn seams

  • Zip seams coming undone

  • Unstitched straps

Buckles and inner pockets:

  • Defective snap button

  • Bent frames

  • Broken elastic

  • Broken zipper pull

  • Insufficient fabric length (hole in fabric at seam)

  • Degradation by a third party

  • Accident

  • Repairs that would have affected the function of the bag

  • Cut in the fabric

  • Stain

  • Damaged/burnt fabric

  • Damaged or worn bottom of the bag

  • Scratches on snaps or zippers

  • Scratches on faux leather elements

  • Hole in the fabric other than at the seams


To benefit from the guarantee, the bag must have been purchased at Cabaia or in a store affiliated with the Cabaia network. Products purchased second-hand or in a store that is not a member of the Cabaia network are not covered by the commercial warranty.

In this case, we invite you to contact the retailer directly to obtain more information on the implementation of a possible warranty.

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