We have designed our backpacks to be everyday companions. They will be with you you from day to day until you decide to pass on to your children!

(if you want some... they can make a lot of noise, these little things!)

Small defects can obviously happen. For this reason, we've decided to offer a lifetime warranty!

Here are our warranty terms and conditions.

Seam defects:

- Top of the straps tearing

- Seams on the bag that become loose

- Zip seams that tears

- Ripped seams

- Buckles and inside pockets :

- Torned pockets

- Broken buckles

- Broken zip pull

- Insufficient fabric length (fabric has a hole in the seam)

- Faulty snap fastener

- Broken elastic

We invite you to inspect your bag upon arrival for the following (non-exhaustive list) which will not be covered by the warranty beyond 3 days of purchase or delivery:

- Cut in the fabric

- Stain

- Damaged fabric

- Burns

- Damaged bag bottom

- Scratch on snaps or zips

- Scratch on the synthetic leather.

- Clasps on handles attached

- Hole in the fabric 

If you'd like to make a warranty claim, please get in touch with our customer care department!

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