At Cabaïa, we try to produce in a responsible way.

That is to say, we produce only what we need, and unlike some fast fashion brands, we do not create new collections all the time. Almost all our models are timeless! 🤩

Restocking takes place as the stock runs out. We restart the production when a certain threshold is reached (no need to go into details or join the supply chain team 🤭)

You will have understood, we don't have a precise restocking time and we can't predict too much in advance what will be the delivery times of your favorite products 😬

Sales are usually used to sell off the unsold stock in order to best prepare for the next collection. So as you may have gathered, we never have any stock to sell out!

But since we know it's super hard to wait, you have the option to create an alert for the item in question!

Just click on "subscribe to alert" then enter your email address and we'll let you know when your item is available again 😉

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