We're all familiar with the misconceptions and questions about where our products are made. Find out more below ⬇️


Let's be perfectly clear:

No matter how much we paid, there was no company in France capable of keeping up with our production and manufacturing our backpacks.

The textile industry disappeared in France in the 70s. Production sites and know-how went abroad. Production capacity in France is nil. There is no factory capable of producing 400,000 backpacks in a year. 🎒

We did carry out some tests with French companies before taking the plunge. The calculation was very quick: to make a profit, we would have had to sell our bags for 12 times as much. 600 for a Cabaïa bag is a bit expensive. 💸


We have defined very strict specifications for the manufacture of our products.

1 - We need the best.
2 - They have to work ethically and in an environmentally responsible way.
3 - They must be able to produce a sufficient quantity and keep up with our development.
4 - They must offer a competitive price.

Based on these criteria, we decided to manufacture our products in Poland, Turkey and China.


Rest assured, all our production sites are carefully selected and comply with the highest ecological and ethical standards. There's no greenwashing at Cabaia, as evidenced by our many labels. (You can find out more HERE)

Cabaia is a French brand, headquartered in France, which designs and decides on its products in France but has them manufactured abroad.

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