🧺 No washing machine: some parts are not made to go in the machine (the leatherette parts) and it has a spinning head otherwise

💧 On Vegan leather bags, wear and tear and cleaning products end up removing the original varnish for good, so your material is left bare, in direct contact with rubbing.

For this reason and before it's too late, we strongly advise using a waterproofing agent for our Moscow, Milan and Tokyo bags!

💪 Wash your bag by hand: water, soap, a soft brush and give it a little massage it likes it. If the stain doesn't go away, grandma's technique: add a little white vinegar to the water! Most of the time a damp cloth or baby wipe will do.

🔥 Don't iron (yes this has happened before): nylon doesn't like high temperatures, so you may end up with a pizza bag, and generally speaking, try to keep it away from heat sources (the tumble dryer is not advised either).

🥗 Was your Tupperware badly sealed? And then it's the drama of the dressing full of the bag. In this case, empty the bag, sponge off everything you can, then a brush and soapy water to get the grease out. Dry upside down in the open air.

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