You nearly fainted when you saw the Medium Adventurer page, your favourite product transformed into "available soon" 😱

We're going to be totally transparent and explain everything to you!


We really didn't expect the brand to be so popular! This year, we've doubled our turnover. That means doubling our production. On its own, we're capable of doing it, but we're faced with a number of problems and we have to adapt!

  • Transport: unlike Nike, Zara, H&M... we'll never resign ourselves to using super-polluting planes. We'll always opt for shipping, even if it takes longer. As part of our eco-responsible approach, we don't make lots of small deliveries and lots of small journeys that would have a big environmental impact. We always prefer to make two large deliveries a year. If you'd like to check out our commitments, we've included a great article HERE.
  • Storage: Doubling our turnover means doubling our capacity to store goods. We're adapting and changing our warehouse for the second time in September 2023 to be able to accommodate more of your favourite products!


You mix reason 1 with reason 2, and you get stock-outs on certain products!



Rest assured that all our teams are doing their utmost to ensure that there are no more stock-outs, and we're running to join Zoé, our super stock manager at the warehouse! 🏃🏻‍♂️

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