As we say in the United States: Don't panic! 🎶


First solution: The parcel may have been dropped off at your nearest relay point. Be sure to reread what's written on the tracking link!

Second solution: The delivery drivers leave the parcels with the nearest caretaker or neighbour. Now's THE time to go and knock on their door and get yourself a coffee or a chocolate! ☕️

If they're not there, don't hesitate to leave them a note and ask them if they've seen your parcel anywhere. It's very simple, but it works almost all the time! 👌🏻

Third solution: The postman made a mistake! In most cases, parcels are delivered within 24 hours. So we'd advise you to wait a little longer, and 24 hours is nothing at all for a product that's GUARANTEED FOR LIFE 🤩


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If, despite all this, you are still alone and desperate when faced with the absence of your Cabaia products, contact the carrier via one of the following links, they will find a solution quickly:


La Poste : 

Chronopost : 

DHL : 

UPS : 


And if none of the carriers find the parcel, we invite you to contact us by : HERE

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