You've entered the address of your ex-girlfriend, your cousin, your neighbour, your best friend, you've forgotten to add the BIS in the address... In short, you've made a small mistake when placing your order.


We advise you to contact our super customer team, who will do their utmost to find a solution! We can't guarantee that your request will be successful, but we'll pass on your message to the carrier as quickly as possible. 👌🏻


You can contact us HERE!


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We really want to reassure you:

  • In most cases, if it's a typo in the postcode or city, carriers are used to this and will be able to figure out where to deliver. Write to us so that we can pass on the information to the carrier, and we'll get back to you as quickly as possible ✨
  • If you've got the house number wrong, you can put a quick note to your neighbour to let them know that a great Cabaia parcel should be arriving in the next few days.

If, however, the deliverer is unable to find you, the order will be returned to us and then refunded! To find out more about refund times, click HERE.

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